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Staying competitive in the wearable technology industry

Oura is a smart ring company based in Finland that is rising in international popularity. 

The Problem: 

The wearable technology industry is evolving rapidly and Oura needs to identify ways to adapt. 

The Solution: 

 Advance Oura’s future brand strategy to not just be a smart ring to monitor a snapshot of daily health insights, but to also offer app extensions that allow Oura users to get an in-depth picture of their health by monitoring deficiencies.

 Advance Oura’s digital product development including: mobile app extensions, smart mirror compatibility, and a partnership with well-known adaptogenic company Moon Juice to expose Oura’s new product offering to a wider audience that is already interested in maintaining their health through the use of supplements.


Research, Strategy, Design Target, Brand Positioning, Futures Strategy, Mobile App UI, Smart Mirror, and an Ad

Mobile App


Smart Mirror Extension

Transit Ad

Strategy Overview


To advance Oura’s future brand strategy and digital product development, I did a deep dive into researching STEEPX trends which led me to discover three problem areas. There is a lack of trust in the health tech industry, there is a lack of convenient at-home health management options, and there is also a lack of long-term affordable care options. 

I also researched key change drivers to determine what could be causing potential shifts in the health and wellness industry.

This led me to discover that Oura’s will need to expand their product offerings in order to maintain its place in the wearable tech industry. The target audience was broken into two groups. The “early adopters” which includes Gen-Z and younger millennials and the “early majority” which includes older millennials. 

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