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PNC Bank

Banking that focuses on Gen-Z and the future of finance

PNC Bank is an American institution from Pittsburgh, PA.

The Problem: 

Banking is annoying and banking is not targeted towards Gen-Z.

The Solution: 

A rebranded visual identity that is more visually appealing and modern. 

A refined, fun, and concise user interface and experience that is easy to navigate and offers services and resources which includes a UI that features a bento box style layout that allows users to gather information and have exposure to resources within Gen-Z’s 8-second attention span. 

A shift in PNC’s strategy to have a purpose, ambition, and values that resonate with Gen-Z. 

A tone of voice that is clear and easy to understand for those that do not have a strong understanding of finance. 


Research, Strategy, Design Target, Visual Identity Rebrand, Mobile App and Website UI, Ads, Brand Guidelines, and a 
Process Book

Mobile App



Transit Ad

Strategy Overview


I began my process with extensive foundational, user, and trend research, all of which helped me gain a deep understanding of PNC and the problem that presented itself. 

I discovered that there is an overall lack of trust in everything, especially finance, and Gen-Z has the least amount of trust in organizations, however, they do trust the fintech companies like PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, etc. Gen-z also has a very short attention span with an average of 8 seconds, meaning that relaying information to Gen-Z consumers needs to be concise and clear. 

This generation also feels unprepared for most financial situations and that there was a lack of resources in schools to help them become financially literate. 

Financial literacy is extremely important across all generations now more than ever due to the rising cost of living expenses, in order to live a happy life, it’s vital for younger generations Gen-Z and beyond to have a full understanding of their finances. 

This leads me to question:  what is the future of finance and how might PNC resonate with Gen-Z?  

To gain a thorough understanding of the companies that Gen-Z does trust, I created competitive landscapes to get a clear visualization of the competitors and their services.  

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